About Us

about-us-2-1ESU VENTURES LIMITED is a duly registered indigenous engineering company which was established in 1989 with the business name ESU VENTURES LIMITED and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. ESU VENTURES LIMITED has a team of selected professionals competent in various disciplines to effect the most desired goal of client’s satisfaction.

ESU VENTURES LIMITED is geared towards providing Qualitative Service; we undertake special services to all sectors. Due to our collaborative alliance with our technical partners, we offer multi-range suite of services in the following areas, Technical Manpower Supply Services; Project Management Services; Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services; Marine Transportation Support Services; Equipment Supply Services – Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Oilfield Equipments and Devices; Minor Civil & Mechanical Maintenance Services; Pipeline Inspection Services; Petroleum Product Haulage; Protocol & Logistics Service

Esu Ventures Limited has both quality and safety management systems in place, this enhances our operational philosophy/culture, and helps to impact these culture in our day to day activities in the life of our employee. Hence, quality service delivery to our valued client is guaranteed.

The Directors of ESU VENTURES LIMITED are all vastly experienced professionals who have been tested to the very limits of their professions. We have established partnership with several overseas suppliers and manufacturers and have the ability to meet the critical requirement for quality and quick turnaround time. We are dedicated to offer the highest standards in supplies; bearing in mind the need for value added to our clients, safety of our personnel, sensitivity to host community and general concern for environmental conservation.

mission_statementThrough the commitment of our team, ESU VENTURES LIMITED will become the preferred provider of professional consulting services to our clients. We are committed to harmonious working relationship with a hitch free work environment and forestall deficiencies in our work area at all times.

To consistently provide the industry particularly our clients with the highest quality of safety products and allied engineering services using the most comprehensive and innovative management and technical skills, the following philosophies and ideals will be used

  • Develop, implement and continually monitor policies and procedures that ensure the satisfaction of all our clients and their requirement.
  • Continually monitor our performance in terms of our developed goals and ideals by consistently seeking the opinions and input from our clientele so as to redirect our findings in a positive manner.
  • Continually strive to identify the quality and contemporary issues in our market industry
  • Clearly identify and ensure dissemination and understanding of management’s business ideals to all employees regarding every aspect of our dealings; ethics, professionalism, integrity and commitment in all our endeavours.

how-to-set-objectives-for-your-next-campaignOur community policy is greatly helped by the fact that
we are an indigenous company who knows and even have been privy to the suffering of the local populace. After a careful survey of all that happens in the communities, we arrived at the following objectives and community policies

  1. Maintenance of peace and good atmosphere in the most places
  2. Make the communities in our area of operation to have a sense of belonging by
    (a)Providing jobs for their youths
    (b)Assisting as much as possible in developing the area
  3. Providing training opportunities for the youths of the community so that they can one day be operators of our equipment and be directly involved in our purchases and supplies.
  4. Knowing the area well enough before job commences.
  5. Conserve the plant and animal life within our work environment

The regulation in this manual is to ensure that all work is carried out safely so as to minimize risks to health or injury to persons on or off the work site and of damage to the work equipment and to reduce the effect of health hazards or damage to the environment. Management and staff of ESU VENTURES LIMITED shall remain fully and exclusively responsible for ensuring that work is carried out in a safe manner, including those duties carried out by our third party staff.

Various indices for assessment of the results of HSES activities will be established and used to assess our HSES performance. We shall at all times provide adequate supervision for the work force on site and continuously monitor the suitability, good and safe working conditions of all our equipment and tools. In supplying goods and services we shall make sure that the very best is supplied to give our clients’ maximum satisfaction. Our imports and exports agents are the very best and we shall always make sure that we contact the direct manufacturers of any goods we are asked to provide. We shall place quality above quantity and good services above selfish interest.

Community Affairs

As part of our CASHES Policy we will accord community relations issues priority in planning and execution of projects. By so doing, we:

  • Will minimize and eventually eliminate community disturbances/disruption of projects resulting from the community in which we operate.
  • Will establish perfect cordial relationship with our host communities in which mutual benefits will be derived from each other.
  • Shall resolve all conflicts with host or local communities by dialogue.
  • Finally, will organize community affairs seminars on quarterly basis and also have front-line supervisors to handle host community affairs.

472508-qa_horizontalIt is the policy and primary objective of ESU VENTURES LIMITED to work satisfactorily to meet her client’s requirements by consistently working to client’s standards.

It is the policy of the company to procure and supply high quality work materials and the use of well-trained staff to achieve acceptable results for total client satisfaction. Company works deliberately to achieve improvements of its performance by regular evaluation. The quality of all jobs executed by ESU VENTURES LIMITED will not only meet the test of time but as well meet client’s specification.

In ESU VENTURES LIMITED we have a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Unit. The Quality Assurance/Quality Control Unit is a fully fledged operational department piloted by a manager. This section establishes guidelines for procurement, shipment and outline activities relating to project execution, inspection, receiving, installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning of projections. Consequently, we have a quality assurance program, which is reviewed periodically to insure that all its elements are adequate to accomplish the intent of the project specification.

Our ultimate objectives/goal will be a continuous improvement towards the target of ERROR – FREE work to avoid reworking with its attendant extra cost, time and energy. The procedures used by us are as follows;

  1. The quality control officer will inspect all designs, project execution and goods shipments to ensure that they meet the expected standards.
  2. Inspection reports shall be submitted and/or maintained in accordance with contract documents.
  3. Deficiencies, wrong sizes or poor quality works or products shall be identified, documented and rectified or segregated from any shipment received.
  4. The project manager or procurement department/personal responsible for corrective action shall be notified on the non-conforming condition.
  5. All accepted conforming items will be prominently identified and stored in a secure environmentally accepted and accessible location.

We will always

  • Meet the standards we set
  • Act responsibly
  • Work together to achieve a set goal.
  • Make joint decisions to ensure satisfaction.
  • Achieve efficiency in production and cost.
  • Satisfy our clients by demands and standards.
  • Improve performance to withstand competition.
  • Rise above preventable errors.

cevre_engIn the course of carrying out her operations, ESU Ventures Limited (EVL) accords the highest priority to the health and safety of her employees, clients, vendors, sub-contractors and members of the public and preserves her working environment.

EVL wishes to continuously assess and reduce the impact of its activities on the health and safety of its employees and the environment to an appreciatively tolerable and conducive level as practicably possible.

EVL hopes to achieve this through:

  • The implementation and development of a systematic health, safety and environment management system designed to ensure compliance with the relevant world certified standards, national Statutory laws and clients standards.
  • HSE performance through reporting and monitoring, appraisal and targets for improvement.
  • Communication, education, training and retraining of employees, ensuring that our employees, sub-contractors, vendors and visitors comply with our HSE management systems and perform their duties and business in line with laid down policies of the company.
  • Influence on partners, clients and members of the public, not under its operational control to apply this policy n their conduct.

s03Managing Director

The Managing Director is the head of the Board of Directors who gives the final approval in all meetings involving the Board of Directors. The Managing Director Holds the major shares of the company. He has the power of attorney, to sign any binding document on behalf of the company.


The Director is a member of the Board of Directors and is in charge of the Administrative Department of the company. Any inquiries into the administration of the company goes through the Director who has the power of attorney to sign on behalf of the company though in a limited capacity when compared to that of the Managing Director.

Safety Director

The Safety Director is in charge of the logistics involved in the technical aspects of the company. The Safety Director among other things is linked with carrying out scheduled and unscheduled site inspections to advise on standards and latest developments in the field. He then monitors the programme progress and passes the information to the management and for this reason, the safety director is also a member of the board of directors.

The Project Manager

The Manager is in charge of the work site and must ensure that;

  • Supply meetings are held regularly
  • Accidents/near misses are reported and discussed
  • Minutes of meetings are taken by the Safety Officer and circulated to members
  • Work/Supply is going on as planned
  • All unnecessary delays are quickly reported to the Directors
  • 55All needed equipment and materials are adequately provided for as at when due.
  • The project is being done to client specification.

The board of directors includes the following prominent individuals;

  1. Mr. Anthony Awula Esu is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is a vastly experience entrepreneur who is at home in the world of supplies of both goods and services.
  2. Mr. P. A. Lucky Odoziaku Esu
  3. Mr. Andrew Azubuike Esu.